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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HealthSnap? Who are you guys?
We’re a Canadian health and beauty store website! We’re a small startup team based in Toronto, Ont. but we have a big heart and even bigger inventory.
What’s with the name?
We were trying to come up with something…snappy. *ba dum tss*
What do you sell?
Anything and everything you would find at your local drugstore! Soaps, hair products, pads, tampons, supplements, skin care products, drugstore cosmetics. Stuff your mom buys that you always forget to, such as cleaning supplies and batteries. Even stuff your teenaged self would have been too embarrassed to pick up in store, like condoms and lubricant. Whatever your heart desires.
Do you sell prescription drugs?
No. We carry everything your heart desires except that.

But we do have a large selection of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and other health and beauty products. The pharmacies in our Pharmacy Pickup program, however, do sell prescription drugs, so feel free to talk to them if you have any prescriptions that you need filled.
What are you doing with my personal information? I don’t trust you.
While we have details like your name, postal address, email address, first newborn’s name, etc. (Just kidding about the last one, maybe). We need that, for your shopping experience’s sake.
Do you ship outside of Canada?
Nope. Canadians only. Sorry ‘Murica.
When you say "Free same day delivery...?"
Yes, our pharmacy pickup orders ship absolutely free with no minimum order size. If you order before 10:00 AM EST, your package will be ready for pickup at the end of the day (unless your selected pharmacy only offers next-day pickup). Orders placed after 10:00 AM will be ready for pickup around 1:30 PM the next business day. Either way, your will receive a pickup notification email to let you know.

But this is only to pharmacies in Ontario (sorry, rest of Canada). Otherwise, we deliver straight to your home for free if your purchase is over $50.
What about the rest of Canada? Why don't you provide us with the same day delivery love? Do you hate us?
No, never! We love you, but our warehouse is centered in Ontario, so it’s a bit hard still to ship out to other provinces within the same day. Unless you invent some sort of TARDIS, then you get free transportation to everything.
How does pharmacy pickup work?
During the checkout, choose ‘Pharmacy Pickup’ and select a pharmacy that’s convenient for you. You can search by Postal Code, City, or Pharmacy Name.

If you ordered before 10:00 AM EST and your selected pharmacy offers same-day pickup (check your selected pharmacy's page for this), you’ll get an email confirming the approximate time your parcel should be ready at your pharmacy by the end of the day. If not, hold on for an email about when your order is ready for pickup between 1:00-4:00 PM the following business day.

Have a copy of your order confirmation email, some form of government-issued ID ready when you stop by your pharmacy and you’re good to go!
How do I contact you guys?
We respond to all emails within 1 business day.

We love talking to you so much, we’re even on social media! Find us on Twitter and Facebook.
Or, leave us a message at (905) 761-2340 
You don't have my favourite brand, _______! Can you carry it?
We can try, but no promises.
What is your shipping policy?
Why can't I find my local pharmacy for Pharmacy Pickup?
We’re trying, guys. At this moment, we’re working with a select group of participating pharmacies in Ontario. As our Pharmacy Pickup program grows, we’ll start expanding our pharmacy network.
Why would I want to pick up my package at the pharmacy?
Also, two words every girl (and guy) wants to hear: FREE DELIVERY. It will also be ready for pickup within one business day for those of us that need something FAST. carries thousands of products (and counting) that would span well beyond the shelf space of even the largest pharmacies. You’ll always be able to get your favourite products at even the smallest neighbourhood pharmacies. Plus, you get the added benefit of being able to fill prescriptions and stock up on other essentials while you pick up your HealthSnap order. Call it what you want, double whammy, bi-winning. 
How long will it take for me to recieve my Home Delivery order?
We package and ship from our distribution centre within 1 business day of receiving the order. We may request clarifications via email, and in such cases would hold the order until we hear back from you.

The estimated delivery times below are based on Canada Post Delivery Standards from the date an order leaves our distribution centre in the Greater Toronto Area (not the date the order is placed). It’s measured in business days, excluding weekends and statutory holidays:
Canada Post Delivery Standards
Regular Parcel
Up to 2 days
3 to 5 days
4 to 9 days
Note: Actual delivery time may vary from these estimates.
How do I track my Home Delivery order once it has been shipped?
You can track your order here using the Tracking Number sent to you in the shipping confirmation email.
How does Same Day Delivery Work?
Once a Pharmacy Pickup order is processed, you’ll get a confirmation email with the approximate time your order should be available for pickup.

Pharmacy Pickup orders placed before 10 a.m. Eastern usually qualify for Same Day Delivery and should be available for pickup on the same day it’s placed. 
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Visa Debit, and Paypal. All payments are handled by Moneris Solutions, a world leader in the payment processing industry. We can generally only accept Canadian credit card numbers.

Unfortunately the exchange rate for gold coins, rubies, blue/red/yellow rupees, galleons, sickles, and knuts is a bit unpredictable, as much as we’d love to accept them.
How can I check the status of my order?
You’ll get email notifications on the up-to-date status of your order.

If you’ve registered, you can also check the status of current and past orders at any time by logging in and clicking the “My Account” icon, and then “Order History”.
I registered as a user but forgot my password!
Click here to reset your password.