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14 Isabella Street, Toronto, ON, M4Y 1N1
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Pace is a neighbourhood pharmacy with a specialty compounding lab. Independently owned and operated, allow us to provide you with quality customer service and individualized health care. Our flexibility is unmatched by any chain drug store!

     We are proud to offer specialty HIV/AIDS services. This includes private consultations, in-stock medication, and free overnight courier to patients anywhere in Canada.

     PACE stands for Pharmacy and Compounding Experts. Our lab is fully equipped which allows us to customize medication so it is unique for you, your family, and even your pets with the highest standards and quality. Compounding means we can alter the dose, form, appearance, and even taste of your medication. At Pace, we also offer high-end prescription services and a wide selection of high quality and hard-to-find natural and herbal products. We’re dedicated to providing our patients with excellent customer service.

      We’re located at 14 Isabella St. in downtown Toronto. Only a few blocks south of Bloor, just east of Yonge street, you’ll find us right in the heart of Church-Wellesley Village!

     If you have a prescription with refills at another pharmacy anywhere in Canada - we will transfer it to Pace for you, free of charge.

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